What People Are Saying...

Since working with Becky I finally can feel freedom of what a life, my life, could be without an eating disorder. After 30 years of Anorexia she helped me to really let go. I worked with a lot of therapist but never trusted enough. But with Becky it’s different. She is not only fully recovered and positive but also a mum and understands that having children during recovery is a special rollercoaster. She pushes me in a direct and warm-hearted way and brought me to the point where I began to be 100% committed to my recovery. I am so deeply thankful... 


“I got in contact with Becky about coaching after watching her recovery related videos on YouTube. I’ve had an eating disorder for a long time and despite working with different treatment providers I’ve never fully recovered. Since working with Becky, I’ve had constant support & encouragement and she just gets it because she’s been there and came out the other side. Knowing she’s recovered gives me hope that it is possible for me. I feel like I can trust her because she understands how difficult the whole process is and all the challenges it’s throwing up for me at the moment. I’d recommend Becky for 1:1 coaching at whatever stage you are in your recovery, it’s really helped me so far”.


I’ve struggled with Orthorexia, Anorexia and exercise addiction for 22+-years, and can honestly say, I’ve literally tried absolutely everything to achieve lasting, full recovery. I have been at my bottom, or so I thought, totally committed, taking up to 6+ months out of my life to go to treatment because I so badly wanted to be rid of this nightmare in my head…to be free and healthy and happy! Thousands upon thousands of dollars to multiple, punitive in-patient treatments, day programs, every type of talk therapy out there, recovery groups, dieticians who put me on more meal plans than I can count, all based on whatever odd nutritional theory was popular at the time (do dieticians hand out scales to weigh food anymore? I hope not). After each treatment, I had periods of quasi-recovery only to relapse and feel more hopeless than the last time. All these treatments also made it very clear; “Mandy if you don’t recover after all our expert help…well, then I guess you don’t want it badly enough.” I believed them! After so many years, so many attempts and failures, I felt like a total lost cause. I had honestly been beaten down, started to believe I was just destined to live and die in misery and that maybe if I could just get myself back to Orthorexia – THAT would better than nothing. Then…by a series of ‘happy accidents’ I met Becky! The day I spoke to her about Triple R Recovery, I almost cancelled our meeting, wasn’t in the mood to listen to yet another treatment pitch, and had ZERO hope. After our meeting, I cried, then I took a breath and truly felt hope start to flicker again. She is fully recovered after 20-years, her journey and experiences mirror mine so closely it’s almost bizarre…so if SHE can recover and live free, than SO CAN I!! I asked her if she would coach me 1:1 and it was THE BEST decision I’ve made in a long time. It continues to blow my mind how much Becky knows all the deep, dark recesses where ED lives and how it hides. But, it can’t hide from her!! My ED is terrified of Becky, and THAT is why I adore her. I know now that I have the power to be fully recovered and free of this monster once and for all. She is simply incredible and I’m so grateful to have her on my side. I cannot thank you enough Becky! Much Love.


I have struggled with disordered eating the majority of my life!  Every effort to recover always led me back to my disordered behaviors!!  This only led to more fear, shame and self-loathing!  Since working with  Becky I am experiencing a new freedom and peace in my recovery like never before.  She is with me every step of the way and understands completely the struggle of having an eating disorder.  Her steadfast encouragement is what I need to keep me going and continue in order to be free from the prison of the eating disorder.  I am ever so thankful for you Becky!


I knew I was finally, after 20 years, ready to commit to full recovery, but I had no idea how to start. I found Becky through youtube and instantly felt a connection. She had been there, done that, and fully recovered. After just one session I felt more confident, hopeful and ready than ever. Through our sessions she answered the many questions/fears I faced, talked through challenging moments and helped me see what true freedom could be. She gave me helpful tips, kept me accountable and never judged. After only a few short months I am at a better place in my recovery than I've ever been, thanks to Becky. I continue to trust her from week to week as I become stronger. She encourages and truly cares about me. 

Thank you Becky! 


Becky has been such a wonderful resource for helping me through my recovery.  Her personal experience with her own eating disorder is what drew me to her.  I wanted to work with someone who I knew understood my battle.  I love her straight forward and encouraging support and recommendations.  I am blown away with the improvements I have made in such a short amount of time working with her.  


You too can BE FREE!